About Us

We live the lifestyle, we appreciate the community and we love high quality toys!

We live in a small town in Northern California and make leather kink gear out of the home.   When we first started we bought those cheap cute toys from Amazon, Etsy, Etc, and of course, they fell apart.  So we decided to make our own toys, and people started asking us to make their toys and so we finally made it a real business! 

We take pride in our work and stand behind (well sometimes in front of as well) our toys. Everything we sell has been dungeon tested, if it didn't pass, it was thrown out or revamped. You can be assured you are getting top quality when you buy from Submissive Rose Creations.

Our Leathers

We build toys for everyone, mild to wild.
The Basic Line is the most cost efficient while still holding on to a level of acceptable quality.  Due to supply issues sometimes we are forced to purchase more expensive leathers than we like for this line, but we will always keep these toys at a very reasonable cost.   The Basic Line has the most colors to choose from.

The Premium Line is just that...a premium leather, it costs much more than the basic line and has better feel, thicker, stronger, heavier and many times has water repelling properties.  The downside is fewer colors to choose from.  Overall a fantastic line of leathers.

The S&M Line (sadists and masochists) is for those that love to give and receive extreme pain, made of thick veg tan leather that is hand dyed.  Downside is that this leather requires a lot of care, the upside is that with proper care it can last a lifetime.

The Exotic Line is deer, elk, moose, caribou, etc. These are generally the highest priced leathers and the market fluctuates considerably.

Leather Care

Keeping your leather clean and protected will ensure the most life out of it.  Leather can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

We will not back poorly maintained leather.

Clean and protect your leather every 3-6 months, depending on use.
Avoid alcohol based cleaners and protectors.  
Oil based protectors may darken your colors, use sparingly but enough to keep the leather from cracking and decaying.  
*100% Neatsfoot oil -  good protectant, will darken leather colors
*Lanolin - Great protectant, messy, keeps leather soft and hydrated very well, may discolor.

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