Restraints (cuffs)

-  All cuffs are custom fit to you for proper fit
-  Made to withstand punishment
-  2" wide cuff (you can request different widths)
-  Steel roller buckles and welded steel D-rings
-  Includes 2 D-rings per cuff (you can request 3 if size allows)

Premium Cuffs

$200 per pair

These are the cream of our crop!

-  Uppers/straps are made from veg-tan cowhide
-  Inner is deer-tanned cowhide for comfort
-  Padding is high density foam with air channel to allow your skin to breath and not rub as hard on the wrist bone
-  Stitched and riveted...rivets are for looks, stitches are to keep it all together under extreme scenes
-  Hand dyed strap and upper
-  Hand stitched
-  Lockable buckles, heart locks included

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Mid-Grade Cuffs

$100 per pair

Great all-around cuff!

-  Strap is made from veg-tan cowhide for a splash of color and durability
-  Upper is made from Water Buffalo for strength, beauty, durability
-  Inner is made from Deer-Tanned cowhide for comfort
-  Rivets-Not your everyday rivet, these bad boys do not come apart without a lot of force
-  Hand stitched upper and inner
-  Hand dyed strap

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Budget Cuffs

$55 per pair

Need a strong set of cuffs?  Need a no frills cuff?
On a budget but want quality?
If so, then these are for you!!!

-  Same as our Mid-Grade Cuffs, but without the comfort inner

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