"Let Submissive Rose Creations IMPACT your life"
Mild to wild, we have you covered!

-  Custom hand-made leather kink gear
-  Custom hand-made chainmail jewelry
-  Custom engraved items
-  If you can dream it, we will make the effort to make it (when practical)

Want to save some money?  See us at an event, munch, slosh, etc and get special "Face to Face" pricing.

Most items in this category can be custom-made for you.  Because of this, we do not sell these online so that we can tailor your item to you!

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SRC does not condone harming another person, some of the tools here have this capability.  The end user assumes all risk in the implementation of any tool.  If you do not know what can happen, talk to us and we will happily inform you of the capabilities of each tool.

Toy Bags


If you do not see what you want, please contact us and we can usually make something special just for you!

Basic Floggers

*The Basic Series is our line up for beginners or those that want a softer touch.
*Cowhide leather, 3-4 oz weight (1.2 - 1.6mm thickness)
*Comes in many vivid colors (colors vary by stock we are able to get)
*Extremely soft and pliable, but enough weight to swing well
*Impact is soft and lightly thuddy
*High quality, entry level, hand-crafted floggers *Economically priced
 $41 -$87 

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Premium Floggers

*The Premium Series is built for all levels of impact, beginners and advanced users love these
*Made from 4-5oz cowhide (1.6-2.0mm thick)
*Colors are not as vivid as the Basic Series
*Soft, pliable, strong leather
*Impact ranges from "soft n thuddy" to "crack n yelp", depending on how it is used
*Colors vary per hide of the same color
*Very high quality, hand-crafted floggers
​*Hilts to match color
 $52 -$175

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S&M Floggers (Sadist and Masochist)

*The S&M Series is built for ADVANCED impact
*Made from 7-9oz veg-tan cowhide (2.8-3.6mm thick) *Hand-Dyed colors
*Stiff, strong leather Impact ranges from "crack n yelp" to "OMFG", depending on how it is used
*Colors vary due to hides and hand dyeing
*Extremely high quality, hand-crafted floggers
*All S&M floggers have hilts that match flogger
*We keep few in stock, mostly custom order only *Monogramming (up to 3 letters/numbers) - Included *Tip cutting (straight, rounded, etc) - Included *Burnished edges - Included
*Use your imagination - If we can make it, we will (may be extra charge)
Use caution - These can and will cause cuts, slices, bruises, etc and may be a one person toy (blood = one person toy)

 $55 -$345 

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*Cuffs made with 7-9oz veg tan leather or soft Kodiak leather w/ veg tan strap
*Hand Dyed (Kodiak is pre dyed), Hand Stitched *Locking w/heart lock(s) and key
*Sized personally (when available)
*Monogramming Included (up to 3 characters)
*Up to 3 D-Rings (depending on size)

*Inside Leather - Super soft, Deer Tanned Cowhide for superior comfort
*Cushioning - 1/8" high density foam with air channel..sweaty wrists are not fun
*Strap is stitched to the main cuff for superior strength (we do not rely on rivets alone), these cuffs are the strongest cuffs we have seen on the market, yet still very comfortable...especially after the break in.
We will need your wrist size and how snug you like it to fit. Measure over the wrist or ankle bone please. We do not pre-cut holes until we know the wrist size. We want as perfect a fit as we can give you.

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Other Leather Creations

Keychain Floggers
Flogger Bags
Finger Flogger Attachment

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Under Construction

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Welcome to Submissive Rose Creations (SRC)

Inventors of the "Dragon's Breath" line of floggers/whips, the "Scorpion's Stinger" whip and the "Hydra" flogger/whip.

We go out of our way to innovate so your play time does not get boring!

JeannieRose and Bowmaster are constantly trying new ideas/designs...some work and some, well you won't see those here, lol.  If they do not work or do not pass quality control (real dungeon testing), that product will get an overhaul in design or be discontinued completely.

Custom made leather floggers, whips, cuffs, restraints, collars, thudders, paddles and more. 
Please come in and check out our wares, if you have any questions, please call, email, FB, or Fetlife and we will be happy to help you.

Play safe and have fun! Thanks from JeannieRose, BowMaster and SSGT500