Please Read The Following!!!

This is the gateway into Submissive Rose Creations..
The below options can take you into a world of...well, that is up to you. 

Be it known that SRC caters to many different levels of lifestyles. 
SO CHOOSE WISELY and do not judge others for their choice.

We have been working hard on making product, not the website, lol.  Please contact us and we will give you personal attention.

Mainstream Content

Mainstream is the general populations ideal on what is socially acceptable for all ages.

-  Limited online sales
-  Please contact us for any customizations you want
- PG-13 or lower

Alternative Lifestyle Content

Alternative Lifestyle is generally considered not socially acceptable for all ages.

-  No online sales, please contact us for personal service.
-  Discretion recommended, may be unsuitable for some ideals

Mainstream Content

This is the milder side of SRC and a better choice for under 18 yrs old and/or those that prefer not to see anything kink related.

Purses, engraved items, cosplay, etc.


Alternative Lifestyle Content

If you do not have a "Wild" side or are under 18 yrs old, please use the Mainstream Content for your viewing pleasure. 

This entrance into SRC does not contain nudity, but it can contain some items/ideals that some people feel are taboo.

Enter at your own risk!!!  At SRC we strive to keep it clean and just show merchandise...anything beyond that is your imagination and we will not assume risk for your imagination.

Restraints, BDSM tools, Kink related items, Cosplay

18 and Over
Under 18

A little about us...

We live in a small town in far Northern California where we build/assemble the products you see on this website.  We take great pride in our products and workmanship.  We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.


SRC believes in quality without compromise.  Unfortunately quality means higher price tags...not always!!!  Our "Basic Line" of leather is still a decent leather at a reasonable cost.  So yes, you can get quality at lower cost.  Occasionally we use a China made leather (we generally stick with Italian leathers), but we are very choosy about which ones we will buy...they must be appealing to look at, nice to touch (not feel plasticy, eww), and not paper thin.  We always do our best to find the best leathers at the best prices so you can save a bit and still have a top of the line product that your friends will be envious of!
Basically, if we feel we can not give it a lifetime warranty, we will not buy it.

We believe quality has another side...innovation, not imitation!  We are always working on something new that can not be found elsewhere...yes we look all over to make sure.  Sometimes those products are great and other times they suck.  You will not see the sucky ones here, they get thrown away, or revamped into something viable.

SRC puts almost every penny back into the business in one way or another to grow and be sustainable for years to come.  Each new implement/tool we purchase helps reduce our labor times so we do not have to inflate our prices like everyone else has to.

We know not everyone can afford a top quality flogger and drop a couple hundred dollars down all at once, so we have payment plans to help you out!  Give us a call and let's figure it out!
Speaking of payments, we accept cash, card (in person, touchless, via email, via QR code), FB pay, Paypal, Venmo

We use mostly word of mouth, we attend munches, events, dungeons, Ren Faires, Craft Faires, etc in CA, OR, NV and plan on expanding from there in the near future.  Through our business travels we have made friends all over and it continues to expand yearly.  We have some social media, but we are really not very good at using it to our benefit, lol. 

We spend more time making your products worth buying, than convincing you that you should buy them from us.  So please, call us, email us, chat with us...because we enjoy getting to know you on a personal level...getting to know you a bit helps us know what you want.

Ph - 530-515-6087
email - [email protected]
For the kinky side of the business you can also use the popular alternative lifestyle site to contact us...jeannierose or bowmaster1

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